Data Quality Navigator enables a holistic approach to achieve data excellence based on the following:

  • Guided workflows for data cleansing with enrichment and correction
  • Hierarchical reporting for progress control and strategic insights
  • Extensive industry-specific rules to identify data quality issues
  • Self-service for company-tailored validation logic

Master your data through systematic measurement and improvement with our Data Quality Navigator. Experience the benefits of efficient processes and empower your digitalization endeavors.

To make businesses processes work, companies often struggle with challenges including:

Lack of strategy

Often, there is no central approach or clear responsibility for identifying, controlling, and eliminating data quality issues.

Complex process landscape

Complex business processes - often across system boundaries - make it everything but easy to identify quality issues systematically.

High manual cleansing costs

It's tedious and resource-intensive to keep your data up to standard constantly.

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Save time and automate data enrichment for advanced analytics 

Using various interfaces to external data providers, the Data Quality Navigator can automatically validate, enrich, and standardize your master data, e.g., address or bank information, to allow fully automated processes.

  • Solid data foundation for digital processes
  • Clean and consistent master data
  • Reduced manual maintenance efforts

Optimize customer engagement with accurate and consistent CRM data 

The Data Quality Navigator detects duplicates, misspellings, inconsistencies, formating issues, and enriches and validates your data using a portfolio of state-of-the-art data providers. Your customer data is corrected, updated, enriched and validated with minimal manual effort in your organization. 

  • Correct, up-to-date, harmonized customer master data
  • Easy integration of your preferred exteranl data provider
  • Minimal client effort required

No more manual repackaging effort 

The Data Quality Navigator offers extensive checks to validate packaging data, identifying mismatches between ordering and delivery packaging and verifying packaging hierarchies and the right quantities.

  • No repackaging effort
  • Undisrupted material flow
  • Decreased transportation costs

Prevention of missing parts in the material flow 

The Data Quality Navigator contextualizes MES with ERP data to derive the risk of potential material shortages by systematically analyzing line supply parameters. Inappropriate settings are indicated and permanently monitored to support stable and efficient material flows.

  • Reduced rework efforts
  • Stockout avoidance

Smooth business operations 

Data Quality Navigator's comprehensive repository of validation rules covering a wide range of material-related processes identifies potential process disruptions and enables proactive countermeasures.

  • Efficient business processes
  • Stabilized processes along the product life cycle
  • Supporting reliable planning

Balance production demand and capacity 

Integrating data from different source systems, the Data Quality Navigator supports the validation of the consistency between material demand requirements from program planning and the required supplier capacity.

  • Steady material supply
  • Timely order fulfillment
  • Improved supplier reliability
  • Reduced manual intervention

Master Data Excellence in GS1 GDSN Compliance

Data Quality Navigator enhances master data integrity for GS1 GDSN, ensuring comprehensive compliance with the latest German regulations. Avoid the costly consequences of data errors such as supply chain delays, incorrect product listings, and potential regulatory fines.

  • Streamlined Regulatory Compliance
  • Prevention of Data Discrepancies
  • Facilitation of Seamless Data Exchange

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