Data Quality Navigator utilizes advanced analytics, AI algorithms, and a repository of validated rules to:

  • Generate valuable insights into past and projected process performance
  • Derive precise recommendations to optimize resource utilization
  • Systematically detect data quality issues that disrupts operations
  • Focuses on high-impact issues, driving continuous improvement.

Empowering companies to excel in their business processes, our solution suggests proactive actions and provides valuable insights into the current planning environment, past performance, and future trends.

To make businesses processes work, companies often struggle with:

Dynamic planning environments

The inputs for the planning process, including supply and demand data, undergo frequent changes. These fluctuations can lead to deviations from the original plan, disrupt processes, and result in unmet demands.

Lack of transparency

Within complex and fragmented systems, understanding the impact of process parameters can be challenging. Data Quality Navigator facilitates informed decision-making by utilizing process twins to quantitatively measure the influence of each parameter.

Inadequate data

Outdated, incorrect, or missing planning master data can result in inefficient planning or disruptions in processes. Data Quality Navigator identifies data quality issues and offers guided workflows for correcting them.

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Optimized Spend Allocation and Actionable Spend Insights 

The Data Quality Navigator uses tailored spend analysis to reveal spend categories, vendors, and regions allowing detailed decision-making based on allocation and aggregation of data. 

  • Clear spend categories based on data
  • Classification for suppliers & material
  • Identification of spend reduction potential


Boost your inventory efficiency 

The Data Quality Navigator offers a sustainable inventory optimization approach that identifies savings potentials and creates full cost transparency for logistics planners and material managers to support their decision-making.

  • Inventory cost reduction
  • Release significant liquidity 
  • Improved service level

Improve the flow of your intra logistic 

By combining advanced optimization algorithms with a powerful simulation engine, the Data Quality Navigator can detect critical demand patterns and point out parameter settings. Decision-makers can directly derive optimal parameter settings to prevent overstock or line stoppages.

  • Prevent missing parts
  • Avoid excessive stock
  • Decision-maker support

Prevention of missing parts in the material flow 

The Data Quality Navigator contextualizes MES with ERP data to derive the risk of potential material shortages by systematically analyzing line supply parameters. Inappropriate settings are indicated and permanently monitored to support stable and efficient material flows.

  • Reduced rework efforts
  • Stockout avoidance

Understand demand patterns and anticipate future demand quantities 

Logistics planners face various challenges linked to a product's lifecycle, such as complex demand patterns (e.g., temporary shocks, phase-out, phase-in, etc.). Lacking transparency reduces their planning capabilities to anticipate future demand quantities. 

  • Improved demand transparency
  • Enablement of long-term planning 
  • Optimized capacity utilization

On-time, full deliveries 

The Data Quality Navigator assesses your supplier's performance by evaluating the past, planned, and actual deliveries, providing direct insights into the complete delivery history. 

  • Informed decision-making
  • Improved risk management
  • Enhanced supplier relationship (reputation and trust)

Coordinate and monitor complex project timelines 

The Data Quality Navigator provides a single point of truth for project monitoring, making information available to the whole project team, making it a perfect complement to classical project management tools. It helps to sort through the dependent and sequential project activities and summarize them in a visualized roadmap to align large and distributed teams.

  • Transparency about project activities
  • Single point of truth
  • Reduced alignment effort

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