Unlock your data potential and gain the data quality you deserve:

  • Transform your data into trusted and reliable information
    Transform your data into trusted and reliable information
  • Reignite confidence in the quality of your data - unlock new possibilities
    Reignite confidence in the quality of your data - unlock new possibilities
  • Take control and accurately identify root causes with confidence
    Take control and accurately identify root causes with confidence
  • Boost the robustness of your operational processes
    Boost the robustness of your operational processes
  • Mitigate risks in digitalization projects for seamless progress
    Mitigate risks in digitalization projects for seamless progress
  • Set bold goals and track your progress with precision

Trusted by many customers worldwide. Hear what they say about our solution:

The Data Quality Navigator significantly increased our S/4 transformation efficiency – we could shorten our stabilization phase, reduce data cleansing efforts and testing efforts due to higher data quality.

S4 Program Manager of a German Tier-1 Automotive Supplier

The implementation of the Data Quality Navigator was a turnaround for our project. Before the DQN we were not aware of the poor data quality in our ERP system which putted our go-lives regularly on high risk. Now, with the DQN we can clearly measure and improve it with a streamlined data cleansing approach and go-lives became finally smooth.

S4 Program Manager of a internationally operating German Automotive Supplier

Thanks to the BearingPoint Data Quality Navigator I do not need to worry any more about wrong or missing data which are a foundation for production execution. I can purely focus on process improvements and support our key-users properly.

Production Process Expert of an Industrial Equipment Manufacturer

The Data Quality Navigator guides us to a future where we can proactively optimize our processes and limit process disruptions to an absolute minimum. Like this, we can improve our process efficiency by 10%!

Innovation Manager of a German Automotive OEM

The Data Quality Navigator supports all mission-critical data activities during our S/4 transformation – data cleansing, data harmonization, migration & data governance. The rule-based approach offers us high flexibility, and we can even check our highly industry specific data structures. After the transformation project, the DQN enables us to sustain the high data quality in the long-run.

Master Data Management Teamlead

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  • Industrial Cloud @ Volkswagen

    "The Data Quality Navigator's centralized data cleansing approach was a game-changer for us, providing the basis for further digitalization initiatives. We would highly recommend their services to anyone looking to improve their digital production capabilities."

    Project Lead of Volkswagen Industrial Cloud

    Volkswagen is currently building its own Industrial Cloud (IC) to enable digitally connected production processes and data for all brands in a strategic intent with Amazon Web Services (AWS). On VW's Digital Production Platform (DPP) data of all machines, infrastructure and systems from all plants is collected in real time. Transparent procedures and processes in production enable an increase in productivity at the manufacturing sites and a reduction of costs by up to 30%. Perspectively, the global supply chain with over 30,000 locations and 1,500 partnering companies will be integrated in the VW IC. Simultaneously, like on an operating system, no-coding-self-services will be provided for the 122 plants of the largest German company.

Rethinking data management from the ground up is long overdue. ​We did it – and brought to life Data Quality Navigator.

Data Quality

Improve your data quality for your business operations. Systematically identify, analyze, and solve critical data quality issues at every step in the data lifecycle, ensuring enhanced accuracy and reliability.

  • Full transparency
  • Progress monitoring
  • Gain high data quality

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Data Migration

Profit from a no-code migration approach. The Data Quality Navigator connects the new and old world through a seamless and efficient migration engine, even for the most complex transformation scenarios.

  • Seamless system integration
  • No-code migration
  • Reduced effort and increased efficiency

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Data Platform

Profit from the Data Quality Navigator Platform as your data's single point of truth. Connect your data from different sources into a unified view by using pre-built connectors, allowing you to automate the data flow for your on-premise or cloud-based DWH, ERPs, CRM, and more.          

  • Streamlining data into one universal platform
  • Highly automized solutions for versatile connectors
  • Integrate data across systems, departments, and silos

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Bring your data quality and your business to the next level.

Your team deserves the best data to excel. Experience unrivaled data excellence. Elevate your success with our cutting-edge data solutions.

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  • Risk and Compliance

    Sanction list validation

    Protect your business from financial and reputational harm by proactively preventing business transactions with government-sanctioned entities.

  • Data Excellence

    Master your packaging data

    Retrieve the correct packaging instruction by mastering your packaging data. Reduce packaging errors to prevent unnecessary shipping, re-packaging, and waste.

  • Data Excellence

    Resilient material flow

    Prevent missing parts in the material flow. Eliminate line stoppages by having all required materials on time, in the right amount, and at the desired location.

  • Process Excellence

    Supplier reliability

    Leverage full transparency about your suppliers' performance. Evaluate their ability to deliver ordered materials in the desired time and in the correct amount.

  • Transformation Project

    SAP One Business Partner

    Full benefits and smooth introduction of S/4 Business Partners through a clean and harmonized base of customers and suppliers.

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