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Stay ahead of the curve by joining us at our upcoming events. Whether you're looking to dive deep into the latest trends in data management, explore innovative solutions, or network with industry experts, our events are designed to provide valuable insights and actionable strategies.



July 19th, 3pm CEST | Unlock Your Data Quality Potential with Cutting-Edge AI Innovations with Jianghe Yang


September 19th - 20th | Master Data & Data Quality Management, Berlin
September 24th - 26th | DATAGOVKON, Stuttgart
November 27th - 28th | Stammdatenforum, Düsseldorf

Past Events

Missed an event? We've got you covered. Explore our archive to access presentations, key takeaways, and case studies from our past events. Gain insights from our experts and learn how organizations are transforming their data strategies with our innovative solutions.



June, 11th - 13th | SAP Sapphire, Barcelona
May, 23rd | Viva Technology, Paris
March, 11th - 14th | IRM UK, London

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