Automatically and immediately identify fraud, theft, as well as financial and legal risks. Speed up your processes and ensure data privacy across your systems.

 In this evolving digital age, risk & compliance department faces challenges such as:

GDPR compliance

Sharing of unmasked data has the potential to unintentionally violate GDPR.

Authorization validation

Incorrect configurations and permission assignments violate compliance requirements.

Observance of sanctions lists

Constantly changing sanction lists make it hard to ensure full, global trade compliance.

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  • Sanction List Validation

    Keep Track of Government Sanctions Lists in Real-Time

    Protect your business from financial and reputational harm by proactively preventing business transactions with government-sanctioned entities.

    The political environment is constantly changing, and so are the government-issued sanction lists. Ensuring full, global trade compliance is hard and late discovery can result in supply chain disruptions or harsh penalties.

    Using the consolidated information of specialized providers, Data Quality Manager regularly verifies your business partners and alerts you promptly regarding potential violations. It provides details on sanctioned products and services, timeframes, and issuing countries to simplify your decision-making.

    • Compliance with sanction regulations Compliance with sanction regulations
    • Avoids penalties & reputational damage Avoids penalties & reputational damage
    • Prevents supply chain disruptions Prevents supply chain disruptions
  • VAT ID validation

    Cross-Border Business With Peace of Mind

    Eliminate the risk of tax avoidance and financial penalties by automatically verifying the VAT information of your business partners. Benefit from less manual rework and increased process efficiency. 

    VAT-free, cross-border transactions within the EU require the verification of the customers' VAT-IDs. Failure to do so can lead to unnecessary tax payments and even penalties. Conducting verifications manually is error-prone and time-consuming. 

    Using interfaces to the responsible tax authorities, Data Quality Navigator verifies your customers' VAT IDs regularly and alerts you in case of invalidity or incorrectness.

    • Financial risk and fraud prevention Financial risk and fraud prevention
    • Compliant cross-border transactions Compliant cross-border transactions
    • Reduced manual verification effort Reduced manual verification effort
  • Sensitive Data Identification

    Trust Depends on Data Protection - Profit From It

    Prevent accidental compliance violations and financial and reputational harm caused by sharing confidential or unmasked personal data with unauthorized entities.

    In data-driven business processes, it is often unclear whether data is allowed to be shared. Unintentionally violating privacy and confidentiality policies is a concern.

    Data Quality Navigator's AI-based analytics algorithms identify confidential as well as personal information. If required, it is automatically masked to enable compliant data exchange.

    • GDPR compliance GDPR compliance
    • Prevention of legal and reputational risks Prevention of legal and reputational risks
    • Confidentiality protection Confidentiality protection
  • Authorization Validation

    Master Access and Authorizations in Your Systems

    Prevent financial harm through accidental or fraudulent process violations by ensuring that employee system authorizations follow compliance policies such as strict segregation of duties. 

    Common ERP systems allow conflicting permission configurations which potentially violate compliance requirements. For example, undetected violations of the segregation of duties principle could result in fraudulent payment processing.

    Data Quality Navigator's comprehensive repository of validation rules identifies abusable authorizations to ensure process compliance.

    • Fraud prevention Fraud prevention
    • Reduction of financial risks Reduction of financial risks
    • Transparency regarding permission management Transparency regarding permission management

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