Data Quality Navigator builds a bridge between your old and new system through a seamless and efficient no-code migration - even in the most complex transformation projects.

Continue where you left off

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Seamless system integration

  • No-code migration

  • Reduced effort and increased efficiency 

Find out what to keep, what to leave, and what to change

Data Quality Navigator's profiling algorithms generate detailed insights and propose an approach to close the gap between legacy and target systems.

Data Profiling provides:

  • Transparency over data structure and content

  • Identify patterns and anomalies

  • Solid foundation for mappings 

Don't bind your resources with things you could have left behind

Data Quality Navigator's native source system integration automatically extracts the selected data as input for the harmonization and migration engine. 

You can profit from:

  • Automatic data extraction

  • Reliable and reproducible results

  • Reduced effort 

Start with a single source of truth

Data Quality Navigator harmonizes your data from multiple legacy systems, and supports the golden record selection to create a single truth in your target system.

How Data Harmonization helps you:

  • Systematic approach for golden record selection

  • Easy introduction of Business Partners in SAP S/4

  • Automatic reassignment of dependent objects 

Bridge the gap between business and IT

Data Quality Navigator's migration engine allows a no-code setup to automatically translate even complex business requirements into migration logic.

The benefits of No-code Data Transformation:

  • Easy-to-use process for business

  • Frictionless implementation of complex requirements

  • Short test migration cycles 

Seamless integration with target system

Data Quality Navigator's migration engine integrates with the target staging area to load from, e.g. with the SAP Migration Cockpit.

Data Load assists you with:

  • Less manual loading effort

  • Fewer errors through additional SAP validations

  • Shorter migration throughput time 

Start with peace of mind

Data Quality Navigator's post-migration validation algorithms compare legacy and target data to ensure completeness, correctness, and consistency.

You can profit from:

  • Audit-compliant migration

  • Efficient post-migration validation

  • Early identification of go-live risks

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