In Chemicals, Life Sciences & Resources, monitoring your raw material and energy costs is crucial, yet inadequate spend data frustrate cost transparency.

Further challenges the chemical industry faces are:

Inadequate tracking of supplier reliability

Inventory costs

Risk troubles decision-makers

  • Theft detection

    Don't Let Inventory Theft Damage Your Bottom Line

    Uncover and prevent theft from your inventory by identifying potentially malicious systematic deviations in your material flow.

    Unauthorized removal of goods from inventory can cause financial harm, particularly for high-value materials like precious metals, and potentially disrupt operations.

    Data Quality Navigator’s advanced analytics algorithms automatically detect specific loss patterns as well as possible causes and identify prevention measures.

    • Theft prevention Theft prevention
    • Theft detection Theft detection
    • Theft deterrence Theft deterrence
  • Supplier Reliability

    On-Time, Full Deliveries

    Leverage full transparency about your suppliers' performance. Evaluate their ability to deliver ordered materials in the desired time and in the correct amount. Streamline inbound logistics.

    Making supplier reliability essential is important as it enables companies to make informed decisions about their suppliers and assess the potential risks and benefits of working with them.

    Unreliable suppliers can cause production delays, disrupt supply chains, and lead to both stockouts and excess stock, as well as increased costs.

    Data Quality Navigator assesses your supplier's performance by evaluating the past, planned, and actual deliveries, providing direct insights into the complete delivery history.

    • Informed decision-making Informed decision-making
    • Improved risk management Improved risk management
    • Enhanced supplier relationship Enhanced supplier relationship
  • Data Fire Fighting

    Don't Let Poor Data Fail Your Digital Transformation Initiative

    It's never too late to call the fire brigade and quickly understand and eliminate data quality issues standing in the way of your digital transformation success.

    Data is the backbone of any digital transformation project. Nevertheless, its importance is often underestimated - until it starts a fire.

    Data Quality Navigator’s comprehensive repository of industry-tailored validation rules can be set up in no time to create real-time transparency about your data quality. It enables active problem management, systematic problem resolution, management transparency, and efficient mass data correction support.

    • Transparent problem management Transparent problem management
    • Efficient data correction Efficient data correction
    • Short time-to-value Short time-to-value
  • Production Launch

     Right the First Time

    Make your product launch successful by taking control over your data and proactively preventing process disruptions.

    During a production launch, data issues often cause unstable logistics or production processes, resulting in material excess or shortages, discrepancies between system and physical inventory, and line supply delays - eventually leading to frictions during the start of production.

    Data Quality Navigator´s comprehensive repository of validation rules identifies inconsistencies and enables their elimination before they can cause problems.

    • Prevention of process disruptions Prevention of process disruptions
    • Effective data quality controlling Effective data quality controlling
    • Successful production launches Successful production launches

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