Keep tabs on production flows, equipment maintenance, and product quality. Improve your bottom line with manufacturing excellence.

In this digital era, production and warehousing face various challenges, including:

Data integration

Data from various sources such as sensors, equipment, and other systems is disintegrated, which hinders process monitoring.

Data quality control

Production operations generate a large volume and complexity of data. Ensuring its accuracy, completeness, and consistency can be a daunting task.

Predictive maintenance

Predicting maintenance needs and equipment failure requires oversight over a huge array of fixed assets.

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  • Master Your Packaging Data for Undisrupted Material Flow

    No More Manual Repackaging Effort

    Always retrieve the correct packaging instruction by mastering your packaging data. Reduce the number of packaging errors to prevent unnecessary shipping, re-Packaging, and waste.

    Wrong packaging data is a tiny difference in the system - but it has a huge impact on the shop floor. Automated processes fail, and inefficient manual rework is needed.

    Data Quality Navigator offers extensive checks to validate packaging data, identifying mismatches between ordering and delivery packaging. It also verifies packaging hierarchies and ensures the correct quantities are maintained.

    • No repackaging effort No repackaging effort
    • Undisrupted material flow Undisrupted material flow
    • Decreased transportation costs Decreased transportation costs
  • Resilient Material Flow

    Prevention of Missing Parts in the Material Flow

    Eliminate line stoppages by ensuring timely delivery of all required materials in the correct quantity and at the desired location.

    Poor or missing logistics master data can easily lead to missing parts and production line stoppages. Line stoppages are among the most costly disruptions directly affecting the customer.

    Data Quality Navigator contextualizes MES with ERP data to derive the risk of potential material shortages by systematically analyzing line supply parameters. Inappropriate settings are indicated and permanently monitored to support stable and efficient material flows.

    • Safeguarded material flow Safeguarded material flow
    • Reduced rework efforts Reduced rework efforts
    • Stockout avoidance Stockout avoidance
  • Inventory Optimization

    Boost your Inventory Efficiency

    Derive the optimal planning parameter settings based on your inventory strategy and analyze their cost effects for more informed decision-making.

    Inadequately maintained material planning parameters may lead to inflated stock buffers and shortage risks at the same time.

    Data Quality Navigator offers a sustainable inventory optimization approach that identifies potential savings and provides complete cost transparency for logistics planners and material managers, enabling informed decision-making.

    • Inventory cost reduction Inventory cost reduction
    • Release significant liquidity Release significant liquidity
    • Improved service level Improved service level
  • Supplier Reliability

    On-Time, Full Deliveries

    Leverage full transparency about your suppliers' performance. Evaluate their ability to deliver ordered materials in the desired time and correct amount. Streamline inbound logistics.

    Making supplier reliability transparent is essential  as it enables companies to make informed decisions about their suppliers and assess the potential risks and benefits of working with them.

    Unreliable suppliers can cause production delays, disrupt supply chains, and lead to both stockouts and excess stock, as well as increased costs.

    Data Quality Navigator assesses your supplier's performance by evaluating the past, planned, and actual deliveries, providing direct insights into the complete delivery history.

    • Informed decision-making Informed decision-making
    • Improved risk management Improved risk management
    • Enhanced supplier relationship Enhanced supplier relationship

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