Boost data excellence with automated data harmonization and plausibility checks. Reduce the risk of financial harm by proactively and automatically preventing compliance violations.

In today's rapidly evolving digital age, finance & accounting faces challenges such as:

Spend analysis

Conflicting, incorrect, or even missing data hinder effective reporting. Correction requires manual effort.

Data protection

A centralized governance model is required to control & audit access to critical data.

Transformation projects

Ensuring an appropriate fit of new data structures to payment processes requires high manual effort.

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  • SAP One Business Partner

    Successful S/4 Business Partner Introduction or Migration

    Achieve full benefits and a smooth introduction of S/4 Business Partners through a clean and harmonized base of customers and suppliers.

    Separated legacy customer and supplier bases pose as an effort driver and key challenge when introducing SAP S/4.

    By integrating customer and vendor data from different sources, Data Quality Navigator employs proven matching algorithms to reliably identify linked records. Guided workflows support the business department in efficiently selecting the "golden record," which is especially crucial for large data sets.

    • Smooth data transformation Smooth data transformation
    • Reduced data consolidation effort Reduced data consolidation effort
    • High-quality data for digital excellence High-quality data for digital excellence
  • Theft detection

    Don't Let Inventory Theft Damage Your Bottom Line

    Uncover and prevent theft from your inventory by identifying potentially malicious systematic deviations in your material flow.

    Unauthorized removal of goods from inventory can cause financial harm, particularly for high-value materials like precious metals, and potentially disrupt operations.

    Data Quality Navigator's advanced analytics algorithms automatically detect specific loss patterns as well as possible causes and identify prevention measures.

    • Theft prevention Theft prevention
    •  Theft detection Theft detection
    • Theft deterrence Theft deterrence
  • VAT ID validation

    Cross-Border Business With Peace of Mind

    Eliminate the risk of tax avoidance and financial penalties by automatically verifying the VAT information of your business partners. Benefit from less manual rework and increased process efficiency. 

    VAT-free, cross-border transactions within the EU require the verification of the customers' VAT-IDs. Failure to do so can lead to unnecessary tax payments and even penalties. Conducting verifications manually is error-prone and time-consuming. 

    Using interfaces to the responsible tax authorities, Data Quality Navigator verifies your customers' VAT IDs regularly and alerts you in case of invalidity or incorrectness.

    • Financial risk and fraud prevention Financial risk and fraud prevention
    • Compliant cross-border transactions Compliant cross-border transactions
    • Reduced manual verification effort Reduced manual verification effort

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