Use the power of supply chain analytics to get real-time visibility into shipments or supplier reliability and improve on-time delivery. Benefit from next-level demand and capacity planning.

In today's rapidly evolving digital age, SCM faces challenges such as:

Demand forecasting

Inability to predict demand can lead to unmet customer expectations.

Poor line supply

Supply bottlenecks set off a domino effect in the entire supply chain and, in the worst case, even lead to line stoppage.

Goods receipt utilization

Labor shortages in inbound logistics hinder operational activities on-site.

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  • Supplier Reliability

    On-Time, Full Deliveries

    Leverage full transparency about your suppliers' performance. Evaluate their ability to deliver ordered materials in the desired time and correct amount. Streamline inbound logistics.

    Making supplier reliability transparent is essential as it enables companies to make informed decisions about their suppliers and assess the potential risks and benefits of working with them.

    Unreliable suppliers can cause production delays, disrupt supply chains, and lead to both stockouts and excess stock, as well as increased costs.

    Data Quality Navigator assesses your supplier's performance by evaluating the past, planned, and actual deliveries, providing direct insights into the complete delivery history.

    • Informed decision-making Informed decision-making
    • Improved risk management Improved risk management
    • Enhanced supplier relationship Enhanced supplier relationship
  • Production Launch

     Right the First Time

    Make your product launch successful by taking control over your data and proactively preventing process disruptions.

    During a production launch, data issues often cause unstable logistics or production processes, resulting in material excess or shortages, discrepancies between system and physical inventory, and line supply delays - eventually leading to frictions during the start of production.

    Data Quality Navigator's comprehensive repository of validation rules identifies inconsistencies and enables their elimination before they can cause problems.

    • Prevention of process disruptions Prevention of process disruptions
    • Effective data quality controlling Effective data quality controlling
    • Successful production launches Successful production launches
  • External Data Enrichment

    Save Time and Automate Data Enrichment for Advanced Analytics

    Enable automated digital processes and advanced analytics by enriching and reconciling your data to maximize its value and quality.

    Business partner master data is the basis for many downstream processes which require complete and consistent data. Maintaining it is a tedious and resource-intensive task.

    Using various interfaces to external data providers, Data Quality Navigator can automatically validate, enrich, and standardize your master data, e.g., address or bank information, to allow fully automated processes.

    • Solid data foundation for digital processes Solid data foundation for digital processes
    • Clean and consistent master data Clean and consistent master data
    • Reduced manual maintenance efforts Reduced manual maintenance efforts
  • Demand and Capacity Management

    Balance Production Demand and Capacity

    Synchronize your supplier's delivery capacities and production planning to optimize your inbound supply chain. Benefit from a resilient flow of raw materials. 


    Poorly managed demand and capacity planning data results in delayed supplier delivery and causes disruptions in the production schedule.

    Integrating data from different source systems, Data Quality Navigator supports the validation of the consistency between material demand requirements from program planning and the required supplier capacity.

    • Steady material supply Steady material supply
    • Timely order fulfillment Timely order fulfillment
    • Reduced manual intervention Reduced manual intervention

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