Benefit from harmonized customer data and leverage the depth of your sales and distribution data with advanced analytics.

In today's rapidly evolving digital age, sales & distribution faces challenges such as:

Spend Navigator

Conflicting, incorrect, or even missing data hinders effective reporting. Correction requires manual effort.

Inconsistencies in customer databases

Incomplete and duplicate customer records make targeted customer contact nearly impossible.

Observance of sanctions lists

Constantly changing sanction lists make it hard to ensure full, global trade compliance.

  • External Data Enrichment

    Save Time and Automate Data Enrichment for Advanced Analytics

    Enable automated digital processes and advanced analytics by enriching and reconciling your data to maximize its value and quality.

    Business partner master data is the basis for many downstream processes which require complete and consistent data. Maintaining it is a tedious and resource-intensive task.

    Using various interfaces to external data providers, Data Quality Navigator can automatically validate, enrich, and standardize your master data, e.g., address or bank information, to allow fully automated processes.

    • Solid data foundation for digital processes Solid data foundation for digital processes
    • Clean and consistent master data Clean and consistent master data
    • Reduced manual maintenance efforts Reduced manual maintenance efforts
  • Sanction List Validation

    Keep Track of Government Sanctions Lists in Real-Time

    Protect your business from financial and reputational harm by proactively preventing business transactions with government-sanctioned entities.

    The political environment is constantly changing, and so are the government-issued sanction lists. Ensuring full, global trade compliance is hard and late discovery can result in supply chain disruptions or harsh penalties.

    Using the consolidated information of specialized providers, Data Quality Manager regularly verifies your business partners and alerts you promptly regarding potential violations. It provides details on sanctioned products and services, timeframes, and issuing countries to simplify your decision-making.

    • Compliance with sanction regulations Compliance with sanction regulations
    • Avoids penalties & reputational damage Avoids penalties & reputational damage
    • Prevents supply chain disruptions Prevents supply chain disruptions
  • SAP One Business Partner

    Successful S/4 Business Partner Introduction or Migration

    Achieve full benefits and a smooth introduction of S/4 Business Partners through a clean and harmonized base of customers and suppliers.

    Separated legacy customer and supplier bases pose an effort driver and key challenge when introducing SAP S/4.

    By integrating customer and vendor data from different sources, Data Quality Navigator employs proven matching algorithms to reliably identify linked records. Guided workflows support the business department in efficiently selecting the "golden record," which is especially crucial for large data sets.

    • Smooth data transformation Smooth data transformation
    • Reduced data consolidation effort Reduced data consolidation effort
    • High-quality data for digital excellence High-quality data for digital excellence
  • Demand and Capacity Management

    Balance Production Demand and Capacity

    Synchronize your supplier's delivery capacities and production planning to optimize your inbound supply chain. Benefit from a resilient flow of raw materials. 

    Poorly managed demand and capacity planning data results in delayed supplier delivery and causes disruptions in the production schedule.

    Integrating data from different source systems, Data Quality Navigator supports the validation of the consistency between material demand requirements from program planning and the required supplier capacity.

    • Steady material supply Steady material supply
    • Timely order fulfillment Timely order fulfillment
    • Reduced manual intervention Reduced manual intervention
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