Data Quality systematically identifies and solves data quality issues at every step in the data lifecycle - creating a foundation for your digitalization strategy.

Data Quality Rules | Reliable day-to-day assistance

Remove your blind spots using rule-based data checks

Data Quality Navigator uses curated validation rules for an extensive collection of master data objects.

Your benefits at a glance: 

  • Business know-how engrained in our rules

  • Highly customizable quality checks

  • AI-driven suggestions

We offer four types of data quality checks:

  • Out-of-the-Box Data Quality Checks​

    Profit from our business know-how by choosing from our curated, proven rule repository.

    A comprehensive validation rule repository covering a multitude of industries and use cases will generate immediate insights.

    • Fast, low-effort setup Fast, low-effort setup
    • Industry-proven repository  Industry-proven repository 
    • Condensed expertise Condensed expertise
  • Customized Data Quality Checks​

    Our standard rules do not cover your use case? Profit from data quality checks tailored to your needs.

    Data Quality Navigator's data quality rules are highly customizable or can easily be created to reflect your business processes.

    • Support from our expert team  Support from our expert team 
    • High flexibility High flexibility
    • Customized to your business  Customized to your business 
  • Self-Service Data Quality Checks


    Full flexibility, full control – create your own rules!

    Data Quality Navigator’s self-service capabilities allow you to take full control of your validation rules.

    • Guided no-code rule definition Guided no-code rule definition
    • Quick adaption to requirements Quick adaption to requirements
    • Full transparency & customizability Full transparency & customizability
  • AI-suggested Data Quality Checks​

    Data Quality Navigator’s powerful AI helps you turn business know-how into validation rules.

    Profit from the possibility to use Artificial Intelligence. Tranform your business know-how into technical data validation rules Data Quality Navigator can work with.

    • Fast and easy setup Fast and easy setup
    • AI-driven efficiency AI-driven efficiency
    • Low manual effort Low manual effort

Interested in learning more about use cases of data quality rules?

Data Quality Monitoring | The bird's eye view

Your entire data quality at a glance

The Data Quality Navigator continually ensures the quality of your data and offers multiple monitoring and control dashboard. 

Data Quality Monitoring provides: 

  • Full transparency

  • Aggregation on different levels

  • Views tailored to your needs

Data Quality Monitoring meets the needs of data stewards and business managers:

For data stewards

Do you want full transparency, support for your data governance processes and a deep dive into your data?


Get up-to-date snapshots of your data quality situation

Design dashboards tailored to your information needs

Make data stewardship effective and easy by consolidating multiple sources into one overview

For business managers

You don’t want data to risk the success of your project? Identify critical areas and take control as early as possible.


Understand the problem and control the progress in quantity and effort

Identify critical areas and safeguard vulnerable processes

Initiate targeted countermeasures

Find out more about the use cases of Data Quality Monitoring: 

Data Quality Workflow | Organize the cleansing process

Put insights into practice

Detected issues need to be fixed head-first. Data Quality Navigator comes with various workflow tools for an efficient cleansing process.

How the Data Quality Workflow helps your team: 

  • Guided workflow support

  • Clear responsibilities

  • Transparent issue tracking

Take a look yourself:

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Data Harmonization | Data record match-making

The easy way to harmonize your data

Data Quality Navigator scans your data, identifies similarities, and uncovers possible duplicates - inside one system or between different systems. With this knowledge, you can eliminate redundant records and improve data management efficiency.

The benefits of Data Harmonization: 

  • Provide a single source of truth for every piece of data

  • Reduce data inconsistencies and data analysis conflict

  • Easily merge data from multiple systems

See how easy it is to harmonize your data: 

How it works in the background:

Matching identifies identical records based on similarity.

Here, two records are reported as a match if countries are identical and name is 80 % similar and city and street 95 % similar.

Two kinds of matching:

Deterministic matching

When duplicate records are 100% identical, deterministic matching provides an accurate, fast, and transparent matching process. Using strict rules and unique identifiers, duplicates are identified based on exact matching criteria. Your advantages:

  • High precision matching
  • Very fast matching process
  • Transparent and predictable process

Fuzzy matching

When records are similar but not necessarily identical, fuzzy matching can identify them using algorithms. It is highly customizable and detects potential duplicates based on similarity scores or probabilities. Benefit from:

  • High scalability to large and complex datasets
  • Harmonization of less structured multi-source data
  • Consideration of variations and inconsistencies (e.g., due to spelling or format errors)

Interested in learning more about use cases of the data harmonization feature? 

Industry-Specific Insights | Business know-how tailored to your needs

Harness business-oriented data modeling

Data Quality Navigator integrates many years of business expertise in a wide range of sectors, industries, and use cases into actionable validation rules.

Industry insights advance your data quality strategy: 

  • Make use of a curated rule repository for easy ramp-up

  • Business experts help you put your use case into customized rule logic

  • No pre-defined data model necessary: we can work with any data

What can we help you with?

  • Interested in curated rules for your industry?

    Get inspired by and profit from a huge repository of data quality rules that fit your industry and use case.

    Take advantage of: 

    • Over 1,500 predefined rules Over 1,500 predefined rules
    • Technical expertise combined with business knowledge Technical expertise combined with business knowledge
    • Simplified setup and easy use Simplified setup and easy use
  • Need help with a specific scenario?

    Through many years of consulting experience, we have condensed the most important use cases into rule logic.

    Get inspired by our top three scenarios:


    Rules for bill of materials, costing, and production scheduling
    (>3.4m findings over 5 years and 50+ locations)


    Rules for export/import documentation, packaging, delivery scheduling, and billing
    (> 2m findings over 5 years and 50+ locations)


    Vendors & Subcontractors
    Rules for order management, goods transfers, and supplier communication
    (> 1.4m  findings over 5 years and 50+ locations) 

  • Complex domain and data models?

    No matter how complex - we will understand your requirements! Due to our extensive consulting expertise with a wide range of customers, we have condensed our year-long experience in Data Quality Navigator.

    Benefit from:

    • Fast onboarding and evaluation Fast onboarding and evaluation
    • Flexible approach to integrate with your data model Flexible approach to integrate with your data model
    • Support by skilled experts throughout the whole project Support by skilled experts throughout the whole project
  • Do you lack domain experts to solve your problems?

    Our rules incorporate wide-ranging industry-specific knowledge.

    Take a look yourself:


    Long-term cooperations with European industry leaders in the automotive sector.


    > 300 general data quality rules predefined for Supply Chain Management


    No need for a pre-built data model. We can handle semi-structured and unstructured data as well.

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Data Validation & Enrichment | Fact-checking with external sources

Boost reliability and completeness

Data Quality Navigator compares your master data against external databases from our partners. It gives you feedback on whether your data is valid and complete. If desired, it can update your master data automatically. You define what data you require. 

Data validation and enrichment can help you with: 

  • Standardization, transliteration, and geocoding of address data

  • Reduced payment error costs through verified bank data

  • Standardized and up-to-date business contact data

Get insights how our customers have already used the Data Quality Navigator for external validation and enrichment!

Data Quality Navigator can combine external and internal data sources:

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